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MPS to hold virtual graduation ceremonies, students remain positive

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 18:58:57-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Public Schools announced that it will hold virtual graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020.

There were no high fives or hugs as local high school seniors picked up their cap and gown at Riverside University High School on Monday. The threat of COVID-19 forced them to stay inside of their cars.

"He’s okay with not having to walk the stage. We’re all disappointed but he’s just taking it all in stride," said parent Debra Evans.

A mixture of emotions for many MPS students.

"I’m sad it had to end this way but I’m happy," said graduate Amira Dright.

MPS also gave out yard signs and shirts to proudly display the achievements of their students.

"We are so excited to stand before our young people and work with our young people to make sure that their graduation experiences are complete," said MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley.

MPS will hold multiple virtual graduation ceremonies between June 1 and 5 on the school district YouTube channel. There may be a chance to walk across the stage in August if it is safe.

"We recognize our hard work through the pandemic and their maturity as well as their dignity and all of the wonderful things of how they have handled this moment," said Dr. Posley.

This is not what anyone expected, however students are staying positive.

Arlinda Yang, recently named class valedictorian will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"I’m still planning on wearing my cap and gown all my cords my stoles and just maybe do a lap around the living room. I know my parents would be happy with that," said Arlinda.

"We’re going to have a little ceremony and we’re gonna have my mom handing me my diploma as if it’s a real graduation," said Amira.

While taking care of her son, 16-year-old Amira is graduating early. Despite the pandemic derailing life's milestones, Amira is excited to become a nurse.

"I’ve always been one type of person that loves helping others. Especially with all the stuff going on there’s a lot of people in need of them," said Amira.

It looks drastically different, but these proud families will find a way to celebrate the milestone.

Dr. Posley says that next year could involve learning online, in-person, or both.

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