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Mother of gun violence victim helps other mothers grieve

Posted at 6:24 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 23:35:09-04

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee is on pace to have one of the deadliest months in the city's history. There have been 14 confirmed homicides in 15 days. 

One Milwaukee mother who has dealt with the pain of losing her son to gun violence is opening her door to help other mothers now in the same position. 

When Gloria Nichols' son died she realized something she dearly needed to cope with her loss wasn't available to her. She's making sure it is for others dealing with the same pain.

"You feel like it's the end of the world," Nichols said. 

Nearly four years ago to the day, Nichols was called to a crime scene only to find out her son Robert James Jr. had been murdered. 

"When you lose a child, you lose that piece of your heart," she said. 

After support from candle-light vigils and the funeral faded, she found herself in need of help. 

"When Robert died I couldn't find another grief share in the inner-city and so I said we need one in the inner-city," Nichols said.  

Nichols decided to start an organization in the name of her son, Robert's Way. 

"I have mothers out here grieving who don't know how to deal with their loss," she said.  

Nichols holds group grief share programs with women who share one thing in common. 

"We've all lost a son to gun violence," she said. 

Mothers like Tanja Dixon. Her son Anthony Daniels was shot and killed last September.  

"It felt good to talk to somebody that knew really what I was going through rather than somebody just knowing I lost a child, but really didn't know how I was feeling," Dixon said. 

She completed the 12-week program turning a negative into a positive. She encourages others in the same position to reach out. 

"Don't get lost," she said. "Don't let the grief take you because it took me for four months."

Robert's way is a non-profit organization. If you know someone in need click here.