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More people moving out of Wisconsin, study says

Posted at 2:47 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 17:46:17-05

Wisconsin was a popular state to leave in 2017. The moving company United Van Lines just crunched the numbers.

The results?  The Badger state took the number 10 spot for the most-moved-out-of state last year. That means more people moved out of Wisconsin than into the state. 

Milwaukee real estate agent Chris Corley disagrees with the moving company's study.

"Business is booming. I have almost a million dollars in accepted offers in the last 7 days," said Corley. Right now I have a deal with someone moving in from South Florida. I have someone else from Texas. I have another person from Colorado. It's really been across the board. People are moving to Wisconsin," he said.

Corley believes big companies like Foxconn and Northwestern Mutual are attracting young professionals and families to Wisconsin  

United Van Lines releases the study every year.  The moving company tracks what states families are leaving and where they're going.

Moving Out: 
The top 10 states people moved out of in  2017:
1.    Illinois
2.    New Jersey
3.    New York
4.    Connecticut
5.    Kansas
6.    Massachusetts
7.    Ohio
8.    Kentucky
9.    Utah
10.    Wisconsin 

Moving In:
The top 10 states people moved to in  2017:
1.    Vermont
2.    Oregon
3.    Idaho
4.    Nevada
5.    South Dakota
6.    Washington
7.    South Carolina
8.    North Carolina
9.    Colorado
10.    Alabama