MKE robber nabbed after returning to the scene of the crime for his phone

Posted at 8:45 PM, Jan 04, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- An armed robber ran off with cash from a liquor store and got caught when he came back to the scene of the crime looking for his cell phone. 

The suspect fired a gun inside A1 Liquor at 92nd Street and Oklahoma Avenue just before 6:00 p.m. Tuesday. 

"This guy [entered], black all dressed and covered a scarf around his face, and he has a pistol in his hand, explained Abdul Khen, former owner/current employee.

Khen says he told the robber he would give him what he wanted if he would put the gun away.  The two got into a fight, and the suspect fired more shots.  The bullet missed the employee. 

The suspect ran off with the cash drawer.  Police arrived shortly after and found the robber's cell phone outside the store.  The suspect came back for the phone less than an hour after the crime.

"He parked his car at the Walgreens parking lot and he changed his clothes everything as a normal guy," according to Khen.

When the man started coming towards the store, he was greeted by police.

"They grab him, put handcuffs, in the car."

The arrest comes with relief for the victim.

"I'm glad they caught it.  Very happy that they caught him," said Khen.

Police are investigating a possible connection between the armed robbery at A1 Liquor from Tuesday and one that happened at the store December 6.

There was a customer hiding in the back of the store who called 911 during the altercation.

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