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Milwaukee's 'test run' for DNC goes smoothly

Posted at 12:00 PM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 13:00:04-05

MILWAUKEE — With over 30,000 people downtown for President Donald Trump's rally and the Bucks game against the New York Knicks, Tuesday was a small taste of what people can expect when the Democratic National Convention comes to town in July.

Supporters for the President started lining up Monday afternoon outside of UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

As the day continued, thousands lined up to get inside to hear the President speak. Milwaukee Police estimate at least 1,000 supporters and protestors were outside of the arena, watching President Trump's speech on a big screen.

Combined with a sold-out Bucks game at Fiserv Forum, it was one of the busiest nights in the arena district.

"It was like five times more at least," Max Haglund, store manager of Wisconsin Cheese Mart said. "Most of the day it was backed up. It was an interesting sight to see."

Haglund says the two events didn't result in much more business, but it was definitely busier all around. He expects when the DNC starts in July, it will be even busier.

"That's a longer event Haglund said. "I expect people to be coming as far as political candidates, celebrities from all over the country. When it's a regional little rally, it's not going to draw as big of a rally as the DNC would, I suppose."

With the number of people downtown during the events, Milwaukee police say things were quiet. They only had one arrest near the Panther Arena because of trespassing.

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