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Milwaukee's north side neighborhoods push for candidate visits during the Democratic National Convention

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-14 23:32:26-04

MILWAUKEE — As Milwaukee prepares for the Democratic National Convention, neighborhood groups make a push to be apart of the major event. Historically African American neighborhoods in the city want candidates to move beyond Fiserv Forum and see what issues some neighborhoods face.

Even though some Milwaukee neighborhoods are only three miles from Fiserv they already feel shut out.

"When we first found out about it, it was already full. That's what usually happens with communities like mine. We are not at the table," said Danelle Cross, executive director, Metcalfe Park Community Bridges.

Metcalfe Park boundaries are 27th to 38th and North to Center Street. Next to it is the Amani neighborhood, which borders are 20th to 27th Street and from Center Street on the south to Keefe Avenue. Those two neighborhoods on the north side joined the Wisconsin Black Historical Society to set their own table.

"Our vision includes many things, breakfasts and lunch presentations, dinners, tours receptions, the whole gambit," said Clayborn Benson, executive director, Wisconsin Black Historical Society.

Benson said they will also rent a bus to bring candidates into the neighborhoods they team up with.

"Don't pick one little segment and do that area because it's nice and pretty," said Brenda Hart-Richardson, community advocate, Amani neighborhood.

These neighborhoods want candidates to see the problems they deal with everyday.

"One of concerns for our community is not having enough food to make it through the month," said Cross.

"The zip code 53206 is nationally known for it's incarceration and being poor and impovished," said Benson :22

Because if one of the democratic candidates is elected.. these are the issues they will face.

"If they want these people to vote for them then they need to connect with them," said Cross.