Slain Milwaukee woman asked for restraining order before her murder

The court denied her request
Posted at 10:19 PM, May 25, 2017

The father of a woman found murdered in her Milwaukee home says the system failed her after his daughter repeatedly asked for help for domestic abuse and found very little.

According to the victim’s father, Todd Dischler, Tyvitta Dischler was trying to divorce her husband after a pattern of gruesome abuse. However, she was found dead in her Brentwood home Wednesday when police searched the house. 

"There's a life here that's gone because nobody listened," Todd says.

Dischler says his daughter did not have to die - that she was a victim of domestic violence, but was not getting any help.  A month ago, she filed a temporary restraining order against her husband, but that order was denied.

"The whole system failed,"  Dischler said. "I'm a dad, that's my oldest daughter. My oldest kid, gone because a court system and a police system didn't work."

"The court commissioner said no, there is insufficient evidence. She called me Monday and said, 'Dad they wouldn't listen to me. I have the evidence but they wouldn't listen to me,'" he said.

That evidence, according to her dad, included dozens of text messages threatening to kill Tyvitta. She also wrote a statement of abuse, and in one instance Dischler said she was hospitalized after a beating. 

Tyvitta eventually went to the police and contacted a women's shelter.  But after her restraining order was denied she wrote TODAY’S TMJ4 a letter saying she needed help.

"While I was sleeping my husband hit me in the head twice with a wooden rolling pin,” Tyvitta wrote. “For another five to ten minutes he continued to strangle me."

We reached out to the court commissioner to find out why they denied her request, but our calls were not returned.

Tyvitta appealed the denial of her restraining order Monday. Two days later she was found dead in her home.  Her father says she was shot and burned, and her son was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

"There's abuse going on to where my daughter's dead, my grandson's mother's gone," Dischler said.

A 49-year-old man was arrested by Milwaukee Police in Racine County. We are not naming him because he has not been charged.