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Milwaukee waitress seeks help after her car was stolen at work

Posted at 11:58 PM, Jan 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-05 00:58:30-05

MILWAUKEE-- Investigators are still looking for the suspects responsible for stealing a woman's car as she worked at a popular Milwaukee restaurant.

Nicole Reit’s vehicle was taken while she worked at the El Greco Restaurant on Appleton Avenue last week.

The three suspects were caught on camera, both in and outside of the restaurant.

TODAY’S TMJ4 spoke with Reit as she tried to keep a happy face on for customers. However, she is still working with police to identify the individuals who took her car on December 30.

“I had my back turned and the other waitress was here and was telling her about the menu,” Reit explained as she tried to recreate what happened inside of the restaurant.

She recalls the suspects entering the restaurant and asking to use the restroom. However, they never stayed for a meal.

“As I was leaving a table, I happened to look outside and see my car was not there,” Reit said.

The suspects faces have been blurred because they are believed to be juveniles.

“These kids want to do little stupid things and then they make things worse for people," Reit said.

The car theft was the latest in a string of misfortunes for Reit, who said she lost her mother in December and was forced to move after the abrupt sale of the building she lived in.

“They took from a hardworking mom who is trying to provide for her kids and make their lives better,” she said.

Reit is hoping that someone who recognizes the suspects will turn them in.

“Honestly, if the parents see their kids on the news, they should be embarrassed and turn their kids in,” Reit said. Police told TODAY’S TMJ4 the car was recovered on January 2, but they are still looking for the suspects responsible for the theft.

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