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Milwaukee south side residents concerned about lead levels

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 21:01:00-05

Residents on Milwaukee's south side are concerned about recent reports over increased lead levels in Milwaukee's water.

In 2014, the Health Department released statistics on lead poisoning for children in the area, and it's something people haven't forgotten. 

The area on the south side is shaded in red by the nearly four year old map to mark a high level of lead poisonings in the area. So with the recent news from the city about their lead level notifications, they're hoping for more transparency so they can know whether or not their kids can continue to drink the water. 

"We no longer drink sink water," Magdalena Quintana said. "[I want to know] If it was safe to drink water, if anything was wrong with it and it's going to affect us as grow ups also, not just the kids."

"The Health Department should be going door to door like they do with smoke detectors because we have little kids that could be polluted by this stuff in the water too," Lazarito Matheu said. 

Matheu has growing concerns for his kids. They've never tested positive for elevated lead levels but the track record for his neighborhood has him taking every precaution he can. 

"I don't let them drink that water," Matheu said. "I get them bottled water from Aldi. They're more important than my health. I take care of my kids more than I take care of myself. My kids are my world."

Quintana doesn't have kids right now but she and her newlywed husband would like to some day. She says this recent news may affect where they live to keep her kids safe in the future.

"We want to hear more about it," Quintana said. "We don't know if it's going to make us sick or our kids are going to get sick in the future if we don't find out more about it or if they don't fix it."