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Milwaukee restaurants serve free food at polling places

Posted at 4:43 PM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 17:43:56-04

MILWAUKEE — As much as we all get a rush of adrenaline when performing our civic duty, it's not always enough to keep us warm and patient while standing in long lines at frigid polling places. To make life a little easier, some Milwaukee restaurants and one other organization are fueling people to the polls.

On Thursday, Sauce and Spice Pizza was at the Midtown Center polling place at 60th and Capitol in Milwaukee handing out free breadsticks.

"We have people out here that are standing in line in the cold exercising their right to vote, so it's just a little perk to go with it," owner Monica Oliver said.

She was out there with her 18-year-old son who is voting for the first time. They were giving out cheese, sausage, and bacon loaded breadsticks to anyone that wanted one.

They were joined by Funky Fresh Spring Rolls owner Truman McGee, who was also handing out free food.

The two were doing this in partnership with World Central Kitchen which is sponsoring restaurants to get "chefs to the polls" and encourage people to vote by offering free food.

To be clear, what they are doing follows local election laws. The key is that they cannot interfere with anyone voting ​or offer food in exchange for votes, but they can stand to the side. They offered free food to everyone, no questions asked. They didn't even have to be voting.

A third organization, Pizza to the Polls was also there giving out food and these special water bottles who some are keeping as souvenirs.

“Because when my party wins I want to have this sitting in my home to remind myself every day why I have something to smile about," Karla Griggs said.

Pizza to the Polls is a service that if you send them a picture of a long line at the polls, they will try and send food your way for everyone to enjoy.

Free food and voting, does it get any better?

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