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Milwaukee residents, city officials prepare for incoming snowstorm

Posted at 10:41 AM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 14:16:24-05

MILWAUKEE — Homeowners and residents are getting ready for mother nature's upcoming snowstorm. At ACE Hardware, people were stocking up on salt and shovels.

"I've got salt safe for pets, I got a shovel, flashlight, candles and the next stop is picking up food," said Roberta Schlesinger.

Friday afternoon, the Milwaukee Department of Public Works was out preparing the city's roadways for the upcoming winter storm. DPW has several hundred trucks ready to cover 7,000 lane miles of roads. Brian DeNeve, with the Department of Public Works, said crews are monitoring this winter storm closely.

“We do have a preliminary plan in place, and we do plan on activating personal, but we will have to shift it here and there depending on what the weather bring," said DeNeve.

DeNeve encourages residents to drive safe this weekend and to remember to give DPW workers space out on the roads.

"If you do see snowplows, keep in mind they do operate at slower speeds, and sometimes they will have to maneuver a little bit in order to clear the roads so make sure you are watching your following distance and if you're going to pass them make sure there is plenty of room,” said DeNeve.

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