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Milwaukee protesters demand changes at migrant camps

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 21:10:09-04

MILWAUKEE — Nearly 100 League of United Latin American (LULAC) members, including President Domingo Garcia, marched on the sidewalks to Sen. Ron Johnson's Milwaukee office, demanding their voices be heard.

LULAC members held dolls in cages to protest the conditions along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"We are here. We are demanding change and action to help protect our children," said Cristina Garcia, a LULAC member.

"This not what America is built on, and we have to start fighting back and pushing back and let’s find a solution," said Domingo Garcia.

Earlier in the week, LULAC officials invited Johnson to talk about the detention center conditions at the border, but he declined their invitation.

Johnson's office said he has been engaged on the issue for a long time. He has made two trips to the border in recent months to observe the situation and talk with people working day in and day out to enforce our laws and handle the crisis in a humane way.

Two weeks ago, Johnson called on Congress to take action during a hearing on the exploitation of migrants.

"We are here. We are demanding change and action to help protect our children." — Cristina Garcia, a LULAC member

“We’re not going to solve this overnight, but we can make some improvement in the situation. We have to start doing something — Congress. The men and women of DHS are doing what you can do with limited resources. Congress has to act, and it has to start with an honest and open discussion and conversation.

“We need to start doing something. It is well past time. And that picture that all Americans woke up this morning looking at, again should be used as a catalyst for that kind of action.”