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Milwaukee Police team with Central Protective Services to stop crime on south side

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 19:28:25-04

City officials announced Thursday afternoon they plan to increase patrols around the south side through a private security company called Central Protective Services.

CPS has partnered with Milwaukee Police as a pilot program through Operation Impact. Through funding from Pottawatomi, the program is being extended until the fall. CPS looks out for, reports and responds to issues regarding prostitution, drug dealing and panhandling.

"We respond to those type of issues and address them in the proper way," said Pablo Valazquez, chief of operations for Central Protective Services. "We ask the individuals to leave and not come back that sort of thing. That has allowed police to focus more on serious crime instead of being asked to respond to these activities."

City officials said Greenfield Ave. is one of the worst areas for the position and drug-related crimes.

Operation Impact has provided 52 mobile surveillance cameras around the south side.

The cameras are put on private property like Blue Kangaroo laundromat located on Greenfield Ave.

Salvador Cisneros, manager of Blue Kangaroo, said having the cameras and increased foot patrols through Central Protective Services has made a difference already in the community.

"Operation Impact is making a difference in the community," said Salvador.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the community partnerships are how the city can deter crime in the neighborhood.