Milwaukee Police introduce new police dogs Brewer, Rocker

Dogs allow police to cover larger area
Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 19:29:11-04

The Milwaukee Police Department introduced two of Milwaukee's finest on four legs today at the new Bucks arena. 

Brewer and Rocker are the two new dogs added to the team. The aptly named dogs will be at Miller Park and Summerfest this year. All of this wouldn't have been possible without generous donations by the Bucks, Brewers, Summerfest and the K9 Foundation. They presented a check for $125,000 to help purchase and train these dogs. 

"We were glad to contribute to bring this program to life," Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger said. "And have the dogs be a presence in Milwaukee."

The two new dogs are a much needed resource for the police. It will allow them to cover more areas to keep everyone safe. 

"It just enhances our ability," Inspector Michael Brunson with the Milwaukee Police Department said. "It's a very effective tool we use to enhance safety."

When it comes to sniffing out explosives, they say nothing is better than these dogs. So people can feel safe from possible terrorism when they're enjoying events at these large, vulnerable venues.

"It's a big soft target," Adam Stockwell, VP of Security for the Milwaukee Bucks said. "Big, soft targets become easy targets for people who want to do harm. Part of our job is to try and mitigate those issues and using these canines is part of that mitigation plan."

"It's something that, frankly, every venue needs now in the times we live," Schlesinger said. "We need to be safe."

The name "Brewer" is very fitting for the dog that will spend time at Miller Park. The 15-month old dog, while highly trained, still has some puppy in him, which makes him a perfect match for the team on the field.

"He fits the team we have," Schlesinger said. "Sort of young, rambunctious, excitable, happy, friendly, with work ethic. Wants to work but has a good time. That's the personality of this dog."