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Milwaukee police increase patrols around Moody Park

Posted at 8:49 AM, Jun 01, 2019

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police have been called to Moody Park five times within the last three weeks for fights, an armed robbery and an individual with a gun.

Last week, the whole park was shut down due to a fight so to ensure a safe summer for the kids this year officers have partnered with community organizations and Amani residents.

As officers strolled through the park on Saturday, they were also building relationships with the locals.

Community organizers were also trying to keep the peace. Vaun Mayes is the creator of Program The Parks MKE.

Saturday evening he made hundreds of free brats for the kids, handed out water bottles and helped keep them engaged.

His program normally services the Sherman Park area but they have expanded to Moody Park to help after last weeks fights.

“We are here as violence prevention efforts. There was two major incidents that happened last week Wednesday and Thursday so we are here to kind of fill-in until we can get something structured in place here,” said Mayes.

Damien Smith is the program director of Safe and Sound, next week he will have multiple events and activities set up for the kids.

He said having structure and positive role models for the kids visible in community spaces makes a difference.

“What’s a 13 1/2 -year-old going to do? He needs to have something to do,” said Smith.

Smith said as more kids plan to head to the park this year, it’s important for the youth to remember violence is never the answer.

“Conflict resolution is huge. Everything doesn’t have to result in a physical altercation it’s best to deescalate and those are the things we are going to try to give them pointers and suggestions on,” said Smith.

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