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Milwaukee neighbors accidentally give away lost dog to wrong owners

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jul 09, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee couple is pleading for the public’s help to find a grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Kobe after the couple learned they accidentally gave the dog away to the wrong owners. 

“I’m devastated. I gave somebody’s dog, I let it go with the wrong people,” said Michele Sobye. 

Michele and Craig Sobye said on Sunday, the dog was hanging around the back gate of their home in the 2300 block of N. 46th Street. It didn’t have a name on its collar, so the couple started looking for the owners. 

“We got a leash on her gave her some water took her for a walk around the block to try and find the owner,” said Craig. 

They came back, sat on their front porch and soon after, they said a man and woman walking a white pit bull stopped by. 

“They were kind of like, are you going to bring it to the pound? And I’m like, no, we just found it,” said Michele. 

Michele said minutes later, two Hispanic men showed up. One man was in a wheelchair. They brought a collar and a leash and said the terrier was their dog. 

“They came up and said, 'Oh you found my dog!' She got out 40 minutes ago,”’ said Craig. 

Michele said her instincts were telling her something wasn’t right. 

“My gut screamed absolutely not,” she said.

But since Michele and Craig are new to the neighborhood, they decided to hand over the dog. 

Turns out, the dog’s real owners live just three doors down from the Sobyes. The dog’s name they learned, is Kobe. 

Michele went on Facebook, describing what happened, hoping her post will help catch the thieves.


Kobe’s real owners weren’t home when TODAY’S TMJ4 stopped over. The Sobyes said while her owners are heartbroken, they understand it was a mistake. 

“We should have just waited,” said Craig. “I should have asked for pictures. I should have said, 'OK, what’s the dog's name?'” 

The Sobyes are asking anyone who knows where this dog is, to call the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission at 414-649-8640. 

Kobe is microchipped, so if she’s turned into a shelter, that will help her get back home.