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Milwaukee mayor's Fire and Police Commission nominees get committee approval

Barrett and his newest FPC appointees
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 24, 2021

MILWAUKEE — The commission that voted to demote former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales last summer is closer to bringing on three new members.

The nominees, appointed by Mayor Tom Barrett, passed their first vote today.

Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission could be moving forward with some new faces.

The Common Council's Public Safety and Health Committee voted to approve Joan Kessler, LaNelle Ramey and Edward Fallone.

While committee members didn't object to the appointees' approval, they did have questions, including one about a current seat holder, Ann Wilson, who continues to serve on the board, despite her term's expiration in 2018.

The issue was not specific to Wilson as a person, but to the appointment process for the position.

"That position expired for years. Didn't deal with it any of those years and we still don't know what the plan is,” said District 12 Alderman Jose Perez.

Leon Todd, the FPC’s executive director, said the mayor is planning to address the situation.

"I do know he plans to address the expiration of Ann Wilson's term following action on these nominees,” Todd said.

With Fallone, Ramey and Kessler, the FPC will have seven of nine board members.

"We have to get to seven before we get to nine, and we're really pleased with the new additions that we have made,” said Jodie Tabak, Mayor Barrett’s Chief of Staff.

The new members each made their case before being heard by the full Common Council.

LaNelle Ramey said, "Making sure our community members are treated with respect is a priority of mine."

Joan Kessler said, "I would be honored to have the opportunity to help try to make Milwaukee a better city."

Edward Fallone said, "I can tell you my number one priority will be to demonstrate we can effectively operate the FPC."

It is now up to the full Common Council to approve the nominations. The next meeting is July 7.

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