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Milwaukee man using music to start conversation about domestic violence

Posted at 10:30 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 09:56:07-04

MILWAUKEE - It's a smooth tune you could hear playing on any streaming R&B playlist, but it's the lyrics songwriter Delta Tripplet wants to make sure you hear closely.

"I know we all have our triggers, but I think it's important to walk away. It doesn't make you weak to seek therapy or to go get some support and some help," said Tripplet.

"Domestic violence isn't a Milwaukee thing, it isn't a national thing, its a global thing, right? " said Tripplet.

His song "Somebody's Daughter" is a message to men who turn violent against women. He says the words are simple and it comes across different from one man to another.

"Hey, listen, this is not what we are about. We have mothers, sisters, daughters of our own and we don't want them treated that way," he said.

Tripplet's inspiration to write the song is his late mother.

He saw firsthand as a child how domestic violence could leave a wound so deep his mother would wish to forget.

"She would always, I always prayed to God to make me forget the bad memories and the things I went through with domestic violence, and I guess he blessed me with dementia so I could forget those things," remembers Tripplet.

His program "Hands Off" has partnered with other nonprofit organizations over the years to help break the cycle of domestic violence with teens.

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