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Milwaukee Hop officials lead bike ride down the rails

Posted at 10:15 PM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 14:18:00-04

Milwaukee Hop officials took cyclists for a ride along the streetcar tracks this evening so riders could get more familiar with the tracks.

Especially crossing them without getting slim bike tires stuck in the grooves. 

According to law firm Hupy & Abraham, more than 10 people have taken legal action against the city in recent months because they were injured while riding motorcycles or bikes across the tracks.  

On Thursday night's ride which started at the streetcar barn off Clybourn under Interstate 94, about 20 cyclists learned about new features related to bikes.

Milwaukee City Engineer Jeff Polenske said, "It's really getting out to as many people as we possibly can so there's a good knowledge base." 

Wisconsin Bike Federation members say the most important there are many things to consider when riding alongside the Hop.

"Getting a wheel stuck in the groove is the single biggest issue you want to be careful about," said Jessica Wineberg.

She offers this advice. "When you cross the tracks you do so as close to 90 degrees or as perpendicular as you can."

The Milwaukee Hop is expected to start taking passengers on its routes this fall. Each streetcar has 4 hooks for passengers to hang their bikes and take them along for the ride.