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Milwaukee hidden gem: Candle-making bar with custom-made cocktails

Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 11:56:02-04

MILWAUKEE — The perfect date night or a "night out on the town" spot is a hidden gem located in the heart of Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. It's called Glassnote Candle Bar and it is located at 524 S. 2nd St. at the 2nd floor, in Milwaukee.

"It's a speakeasy candle bar. That’s exactly what it is," Kevin Goudzwaard, the owner said.

Here customers make their own custom candle and they get to try signature cocktails or even make their own. Here is how it works!

When you walk in, you have about 100 fragrances to choose from to make your candle. You are allowed to pick up to five. The chandlers, which is an old fashioned term for candle makers, will help guide you in the process to pick the scents that go together. Or, you can wing it and do it on your own.

Afterwards, you mix your fragrances until you get a scent you like. Combine it with wax and then you will let it cool.

This is what your candle will look like after mixing your fragrances and wax together before it has been chilled.

During that cool down process is the best time to get a signature cocktail from the bar prepared by chief mixologist, Ronnie Jean. She has an array of delicious cocktails she has created. Or if you are so bold, you can create a custom old fashioned that is completely unique to you. On Sunday's you can make custom mimosas too. For $1 extra, you can choose to have your cup smoked to give an added richness to your drink. You can also grab a drink when you first walk in and use this downtime as a chance to refill your cup or try something new.

Once your candle has been cooled, the only other thing you have to do is cut the wick. Also, don't forget to name your candle. During this process, I created a scent I like to call 'Scent Du TMJ4'.

Inside Glassnote
Glassnote Candle Bar has a speakeasy feel. However, you can also go in just to buy candles from the Milwaukee Candle Company.

You might think that this is just a paint and sip but with candles. Goudzwaard says otherwise.

“I know a lot of people that go to these paint and sip places, and they’re great, and they’re a fun activity, but a lot of people don’t really put those paintings on their wall," he said.

This is something that you get to enjoy and use. It's recommended you wait at least three days before burning your candle, though.

The Glassnote Candle Bar is a fairly new addition to the Walker's Point neighborhood, but the business it is inside of has been there for a while. Glassnote started offering candle making classes in the fall of 2020. Near the beginning of 2021, it began to offer specialty cocktails. However, Goudzwaard has rented the space for the past five years. In fact, Glassnote is an extension of Goudzwaard's other candle business, Milwaukee Candle Company.

He makes generic candles but also crafts ones specifically for Milwaukee like Lake Park Breeze, Brady Street Daze, and Brewery Tour.

To make a candle at Glassnote, reservations are highly recommended. Also, you can just go in the store to get a drink or just to buy a Milwaukee Candle Company candle. The class is $40 and a $10 deposit is required. That doesn't include the price of drinks either.

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