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Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity launches Harambee Neighborhood revitalization plan with Bader Grant

Posted at 7:27 PM, Dec 19, 2019

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee's Habitat for Humanity's efforts in the Harambee Neighborhood was accelerated, thanks to a grant from Bader Philanthropies.

The $1 million donation was announced Thursday by Bader. The money would go toward a project of building 40 new homes in the Harambee neighborhood.

Bader's donation accelerates Habitat's project's timeline from a start in 2021, to 2020.

According to Habitat for Humanity, more than a third of Milwaukee residents spend at least half of their income on housing.

"People talked about jobs. People talked about safety. People talked about homes," said Daniel Bader, President/CEO of Bader Philanthropies. In addition to 40 new properties in the area, Habitat for humanity also plans to work on 20 critical repair projects in Harambee over the next four years.

Haynie Smith moved into a Habitat for Humanity home in Milwaukee's Midtown neighborhood in 2017.

He believed Bader's gift to Habitat for Humanity would ultimately be a great gift to the neighborhood.

"Homeownership helps stabilize a neighborhood and give a foundation to families," said Milele Coggs, Alderwoman of Milwaukee's 6th District.

The $1 million grant helps kick off efforts to serve 250 families between 2020 and 2023.