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Milwaukee father charged with reckless homicide in 8-year-old shooting death

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Posted at 3:30 PM, Jan 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-19 23:21:52-05

MILWAUKEE — 47-year-old Michael Anthony Huddleston was charged with first-degree reckless homicide after allegedly fatally shooting his 8-year-old daughter on Saturday.

Eight-year-old Tiana Huddleston lived near 18th and Highland with her siblings and parents when she was shot and killed, a situation which her father referred to as an accident numerous times.

According to a criminal complaint: around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Tiana's 18-year-old sister called 911 stating her stepfather accidentally shot 8-year-old Tiana.

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Tiana Huddleston

"Hello, can you hear me? So, my stepfather just shot my little sister by accident and rushed her to the hospital. I need help," the 8-year-old said to the 911 operator, according to the criminal complaint. "He rushed her to the hospital, he shot her his name is Michael Huddleston. He shot her and threw her over his shoulder, he has a silver van. They are on their way to the hospital."

Milwaukee police responded to the hospital and made contact with Huddleston, Tiana's father. When an officer asked what happened, Huddleston allegedly responded, “I’m about to go and then I’m showing off for the kids. I never leave without it.”

Huddleston allegedly told police the gun safety was on and there was no round in the chamber. The complaint states when the officer asked Huddleston if he accidentally pulled the trigger, he responded, "that is exactly what [expletive] happened."

The complaint states that Huddleston allegedly made a number of "res gestae statements" about the shooting, such as “shouldn’t have tried to do no extra in front of kids.” and “I did it” and “I didn’t try to, big mistake.”

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18th and Highland

When Huddleston was informed that Tiana died, the complaint states Huddleston allegedly said, "I can't believe this [expletive] happened, and y'all gonna tell me my [expletive] daughter (is) dead, I killed my own [expletive] daughter."

The complaint states Tiana died from a single gunshot wound to her torso.

Huddleston allegedly stated he just wanted to be taken to jail, repeating he did it and that it was a mistake, according to the complaint. It goes on to state that Huddleston allegedly told police he grabbed his gun off of the top cabinet in the kitchen, checked that the safety was on and that there was nothing "in the clip," and when he put the clip back in the gun, he "squeezed the [expletive]. Bam" and that Tiana was "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

When a detective arrived to the home near 18th and Highland, the defendant's son told police that his father drinks a lot and was drunk that day. He said he heard the gunshot downstairs and then saw Huddleston carrying Tiana's body. According to the complaint, he told his son to hide his gun as he left for the hospital.

The following day, Huddleston allegedly told police that the day of the shooting, he drank a pint of tequila and then began drinking a second. He said he heard the children messing around in the kitchen and that is when he decided to retrieve his .22 caliber gun and teach them about gun safety, and that is when the shooting happened, according to the complaint.

Tiana Huddleston
Tiana Huddleston

“We do know, it was said, that he was intoxicated and that he was playing with the gun," said LaToya Singleton, Tiana's aunt.

Tiana's family said it's unfortunate, but feels Huddleston should deal with the consequences.

"You should’ve been smarter as a parent with my nieces and nephews," Singleton said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with funeral cost. You can visit that fundraiser here.

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