Milwaukee faces potenital major cut in federal funding under President Trump's spending plan

One-third of federal funding in jeopardy
Posted at 12:22 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 13:30:53-04
Milwaukee faces a significant cut in federal funding under President Donald Trump's spending plan, according to the city's Department of Administration. 
Speaking before the Common Council's Judiciary & Legislation Committee on Monday morning, DOA worker Danielle Decker said Milwaukee receives roughly $150-million annually in federal funding. 
She said approximately $50-million of that -- one third of the total -- would be in jeopardy under President Trump's budget proposal. 
Decker noted that the U.S. Congress, not the President, is ultimately responsible for allocating federal funds. 
She said the cuts in the President's spending plan would primarily hit Milwaukee's Health Department and Housing Authority. 
"There would be extremely difficult decisions to make," Decker said. "Which programs we'd have to tack onto the levy, which ones we appeal to the state for aid for, and which ones we have to let go if the worst case scenario takes place." 
The continuing resolution funding the federal government is set to expire on April 28. So Decker said the city should have a better idea of its federal funding picture going forward later this month. 
She said Congress could elect to pass another continuing resolution. 
Other options include passing the 12 appropriations bills necessary to fully fund the government, an omnibus spending package combining all 12 into one piece of legislation, or some type of continuing resolution/omnibus hybrid spending plan. 
If no funding measure is agreed upon, the government could shut down. 
Alderman Mark Borkowski, a Judiciary & Legislation Committee member, said the city should be prepared to revisit its spending plans for this year. 
"We're only in April, and if certain things happen where we're dependent on federal government money, we need to be aware that we may need to act," he said.
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