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Milwaukee Common Council pushing for more pothole information from DPW

Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 18:05:02-04

The Milwaukee Common Council is pushing for more communication from the Department of Public Works during this pothole season.

Alderman Khalif Rainey proposed a resolution to increase communication between DPW and the council. He says it would be the same way the fire and police departments report to them.

"Right now, it's conducted in secrecy almost," Rainey said. "They say they're cleaning. They say they're filling potholes, but are they really?"

Rainey says the potholes this season aren't just a problem in his district but all across the city. The wild changes in temperatures have led to an increase in potholes across the area. DPW says it has received nearly 3,000 calls so far in March. It's almost as many calls as it received all of last year (3,298).

Many potholes along 60th Street have already been filled, but Rainey wants to be sure.

"Right now, it's conducted in secrecy almost. They say they're cleaning. They say they're filling potholes, but are they really?" — Alderman Khalif Rainey

"This mechanism will provide a report," Rainey said. "I think it's only appropriate that the Department of Public Works provide a report out to the aldermen because as you travel the streets, you see the debris. You feel the potholes. You see the issue at hand. I think it's important we do some quality control. I'd like to do a little check-in. Go see if they did clean that vacant lot. Did they actually fill those potholes? Did they actually pick up those debris laying on the side of the road? I think this will provide that clarity we're seeking."

Here is a statement from DPW:

"DPW is committed to providing the services it has been budgeted and does so in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our hard working DPW staff can be seen throughout the city on a daily basis fulfilling this commitment. We look forward to working with the Common Council and developing the means to best communicate our efforts."

Milwaukee DPW can be contacted at 286-CITY or submit requests online. Other cities in our area also participate in online reporting.