Milwaukee College Prep student dies in weekend drowning

Posted at 9:29 PM, Jun 25, 2018

A Milwaukee teen was remembered by his school family after drowning over the weekend in Walworth County.

Adebisi Agoro, 14, had a life jacket on when he jumped in the Peters Lake and never resurfaced. 

His principal, Kanika Burks at Milwaukee College Prep Lola Roe North said he had just graduated from 8th grade and was looking forward to high school.

"He loved life, he loved having fun, he loved making people smile," said Burks.

Burks wiped away a tear Monday evening thinking about the big heart and kind person she would see in the halls of MCP.

"When we heard about what happened, immediately on social media, immediately in the building just love pouring out about how amazing he was. And it's hard for me to just say he was," said Burks.

Agoro was swimming Sunday afternoon in Peters Lake. The Walworth County Sheriff's Office said Agoro jumped off a floating platform while wearing a life jacket. It somehow came off and he went under. A dive team eventually found his body.

According to the North Shore Fire Department, open water is where most drownings happen. Lt. Dan Tyk said this is an important reminder for anyone to think about life jacket safety.

"Just like we would tell you to use all the safety devices in a vehicle if you are in it, the same thing applies to a life jacket. If there are zippers, clips, all of them should be used," said Tyk.

He also reminds people to pull the clips and strap tight to your body.

"It should be snug and once it's on if you pull up underneath the shoulders, if you can get it up to the bottom of the earlobes or up along the chin it's too loose," said Tyk.

MCP is not focusing now on how Adebisi died. They plan to honor how he lived in a celebration of his life on Wednesday.

"Adebisi is now one of our giants. He is one we can stand on and say look at all the joy he brought to this building and we will never forget him," said Burks.