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Milwaukee Co. man stabbed wife to death because she wanted to die, complaint states

Posted at 11:36 AM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 14:05:41-04

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This graphic report is not suitable for all readers.

MILWAUKEE — A 48-year-old man was charged with first degree intentional homicide after authorities sayhe stabbed his wife to death. He told police his wife had asked him to kill her, to end years of chronic pain. Authorities found her body two weeks after the deadly stabbing.

Braeden R. Ward was charged with felony first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, a charge that carries life in prison, if found guilty.

A criminal complaint released Monday states a person living in South Dakota called Greenfield police on May 18 to express concern about the victim, identified as 50-year-old Jamie Le Ward. The caller stated her brother-in-law, identified as Braeden, had told her that he had cut his wife's throat about ten days ago and that her body should be at a home on Maple Leaf Circle.

Officers went to the home and called the phone, knocked on the door and yelled into an open window, to no response. Police eventually tracked down a number associated with Braeden and called it. A man who answered identified himself as Braeden, the complaint states. He told officers he was driving around but could talk with the officers over the phone.

Braeden told police that he had helped his wife end her own life. He said his wife had suffered chronic pain for 20 years and that he could not help her. Jamie had gone into the shower and sat down on the shower stool. Braeden told police he then stabbed her in the neck and that she had died about four minutes later. He said he then stabbed her in the back, leg and stomach after she had already died, in order to drain the blood from her body, the complaint states. He said he had killed her on May 4 - 14 days before police found the body.

After speaking with Braeden, police decided to force their way into the home. Inside an officer found Jamie's body in the bathtub. The medical examiner later ruled it a homicide.

Over the phone, Braeden finally admitted he was in his vehicle near the Whitnall View Motel in Franklin. Still in his vehicle, Braeden told responding officers he was armed with a handgun. Officers then brought him into custody.

During an interview with police, Braeden said his wife had begun talking about killing herself with her husband's help about a year ago. On May 3 Braeden said his wife had asked him to take her life.

Milwaukee County Court issued a $1 million bond for Braeden. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 31.

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