Milwaukee cemetery on alert after 2 armed robberies

Posted at 10:18 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 23:19:01-05
MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee cemetery is adding security to its grounds after two armed robberies in less than two weeks.  
"Just respect the dead," Donna Wolfe said.
That's what Wolfe would say to the robbers stealing cars from Valhalla Cemetery while people are paying respect at their loved one's graves.  She said invading sacred ground is disrespectful. 
"My parents are out here, aunts and uncles, my brother's son was buried by my parents," she said.
Police said two suspects with a stun gun stole a victim's car this week at Valhalla near 91st and Silver Spring. They have since found that vehicle.  
Earlier this month at the cemetery, a suspect acted like they had a weapon and took off with another victim's car.  
Both armed robberies happened in broad daylight and police are trying to determine if they're related.  
"I always come by myself all the time," Wolfe said.
On Tuesday night, she came with her son-in-law to be safe.
"It's a place to remember my cousin," Deshaun Smith said. 
Deshaun Smith said a cemetery is a place for people to reflect without worrying who's behind them.
"Just scared. It's hard to go anywhere without ya know being safe," Wolfe said. 
An office worker at Valhalla said they have a plan in place that includes security cameras.