Milwaukee Admirals super fan reminisces

Posted at 7:23 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 20:32:10-04

Now that the Milwaukee Admirals will soon play their last game at the BMO Bradley Center, one super fan is reminiscing about all of the memories there.

The people are like family, “Hi Harriett,” super fan Gail Burchardt said to the usher as she walked into the BMO Harris Bradley Center.  The cement floors and arena seats are like home.reminisces 

“I was born to be a spectator,” Gail said with a smile. “I'm not a participant in any way. I just watch.”

She likes to watch Admirals games, lots and lots of Admirals games. She's watched 902 straight home games to be exact, and anywhere from 1,300 to 1,400 games in all --- all In the same seat: 13, section 214, row T.

“He really did shave,” she said looking through her binoculars.  “[Jimmy] Oligny… Oligny shaved the chin.”

Gail isn’t your ordinary fan. She knows this team better than anyone.

“It's just amazing what they can do on a quarter-inch blade and stop and start and spin and jump and know where the puck is at all times,” she said about her love for the game.

As for Gail's time, it's spent here. Christmas parties, weddings, “I'm here,” she said with a laugh. “They party without me.”

But this party doesn't end just yet because there’s a twist.  The man who used to sit a row in front of Gail, a fellow Admirals fan, moved to sit next to Gail, and as they say, the rest is history.

“And then all the people at work said, ‘Go for it,’” Ron Burchardt said of the start of his relationship with Gail.  “Her mom said, 'Go for it,' so that was it.”

They've been together for 22 years, married 14 years.

“Thanks to the Admirals, who knows what would be happening now,” Gail said.  

Gail used to sit with her mom, but the last game she missed was on October 18, 1995, her mom's funeral.

After that, Ron switched seats to be next to Gail.

“And 22 years later he's still here!” Gail exclaimed.

And he’ll always be sitting right next to her.