Miller Lite hops over Budweiser to become nation's third-best selling beer

Budweiser was canned from #3 position

The competition to be America's number one beer is hopping full of candidates, and recently Budweiser has been canned from the number three position, according to AdAge.

Miller Lite jumped past Budweiser in the 2017 year-end sales figures from Beer Marketer's Insights. Bud fell to number four overall.

"We're very pleased with our performance on Miller Lite," said Molson Coorse CEO Mark Hunter.

Miller toasted to a yearly volume drop of only 2.8 percent while Budweiser fell a little further, at a 6.8 percent volume decrease.

However, Budweiser U.S. VP Ricardo Marques remains hopeful.

"Budweiser is in a strong position for the future, and we are very confident in our current plans and the year ahead of us," said Marques.

Bud Light remains the nation's number one choice for beer, followed by Coors Light and Miller Lite.

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