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Mexican Fiesta 2022: All you need to know about the festival in Milwaukee

Here's what you need to know to enjoy the city's largest Mexican festival:
Mexican Fiesta 2022
Posted at 8:13 PM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 18:35:43-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee's Mexican Fiesta is back this year with three days of fun, food, music and other events from Aug. 26-28 at the lakefront.

Here's what you need to know to enjoy the city's largest Mexican festival:

Friday, August 26
Noon - midnight
Free admission from noon to 3 p.m. for the general public.

Saturday, August 27
Noon - midnight
Free admission from noon to 1 p.m. for senior citizens 65 years old & older, people with disabilities, military active duty personnel and veterans with current identification.

Sunday, August 28
Noon - midnight
Free admission from noon to 1 p.m. for senior citizens 65 years old & older, people with disabilities, military active duty personnel, and veterans with current identification.

No re-entries are available after 9 p.m. to festival grounds all three days.

Mexican Fiesta
Mexican Fiesta on Friday.

Located at the lakefront

Henry W. Maier Festival Park
200 N. Harbor Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53202
(Summerfest Grounds)

Ticket prices

General Admission at the Gate ( 9 years old and up): $22
Presale Ticket: $18.00
Children 8 years old and under: Free with Adult
Sunday only from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.: $14.00 (Ticket must be purchased at the gate. Ticket is valid only on Sunday from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.)
They are not accepting refunds.

For questions, contact the Mexican Fiesta office at 414.383.7066

Description of festival

This is how organizers describe Mexican Fiesta:

"Mexican Fiesta is more than just a celebration; it is a vigorous declaration of community spirit at its best. Education is the key to the future, and through scholarship awards, the festival becomes the gateway to young Hispanics taking their rightful place in society by continuing education. Mexican Fiesta is a cultural foundation concentrating on providing education and cultural events for the growing Hispanic community. Our festival honors culture, tradition, and family. Mexican Fiesta encourages individuals from all ethnic backgrounds to share in the beauty of Mexico’s rich history, art, music, and food."

Learn more about the festival, see the musical acts and buy tickets on their website.

Entertainment schedule

See the musical and other entertainment events at the festival below (verbatim from the festival's website):

Friday, August 26 Entertainment
12:00PM Ballet Folklórico Nuestro México
1:00PM Mariachi Nuestras Raíces de José A. González
2:00PM Ballet Folklórico DAOM
3:00PM Mariachi Jalisco es México “Herencia y Tradición”
4:00PM Corona de Nietos
5:05PM Rosen Automotive Raffle5:15PM Pasteles Verdes6:15PM Conjunto Cats
7:30PM The Ladies of Tejano Takeover Showcase
Hosted by: Shelly Lares Ft. Crystal Torres, Sonja de La Paz, Dammi Garcia & Monica Salvidar
9:00PM Gego y Nony de Milwaukee

12:00PM Mahuatzi-Danza Group from Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua
1:00PM Grupo Maya
2:00PM Sonidos y Movimientos de México Ballet Folklórico 
 “Arriba la Revolución y el Norte”
3:00PM Grupo Legacia
4:00PM Mariachi Plata – CSN
5:00PM Los de la M
6:00PM Corona de Nietos
7:00PM Pasteles Verdes
8:00PM Mariachi Nuestras Raíces de José A. González
9:00PM Iconiczz Tribute to Jimmy González

12:00PM Mariachi Plata – CSN
1:00PM ICD Company by Manuel Gaona “Bodas de México”
2:00PM Mariachi Infantil Los Nietos de Sebastián Lupercio
3:00PM Cache MKE
4:00PM Grupo Asalto
5:15PM Texas Latino
6:30PM Mariachi Jalisco es México & Cesar Delgado “El 
 Tenor Mexicano que le canta al Mundo”
7:45PM Browns Crew


1:00PM Salsabrositas Show & Classes
2:00PM Payaso Chispita
3:00PM Ballet Folklórico Nuestro México
4:00PM Brenda González – Ranchero Singer
5:00PM Dance Academy of México
6:00PM Payaso Chispita
7:00PM Ballet Folklórico Xanharati
8:00PM Mariachi Infantil Los Nietos de Sebastián Lupercio
1:00-7:00PM Milwaukee Art Museum Presents Kohl’s Art Studio

FIESTA AREA (SPORT’S AREA)1:00PM Ballet Folklórico Yolotzin
2:00PM Dance Academy of México
3:00PM Danza Prehispánica Macuixochitl- Xipec Totec 
Mitotiliztli – Ritual
4:00PM Instituto Cultural de Danza Manuel Gaona “Un Paseo por México” – Peques

5:00PM Payaso Cascabelito
6:00PM Michelle Zamora Dance Classes
7:00PM TBA

CULTURAL PAVILION12:00PM Macuixochitl-Xipetotec Danza Prehispánica – Danza de Guerreros
1:00PM Marisela Guillen “La Cancionera y Cuarteto Tradicional”
2:00PM Ballet Folklórico Xanharati
3:00PM Orquesta de Camara Tlalipac y Voces de Jalisco:
Sopranos: Natalia Ramos & Mayra González “Mi México Romántico”
Colors by American GI Forum-WisconsinUnited States of American Anthem by Lizbeth Vallejo and Mariachi Monarcas de MilwaukeeMexican Anthem by Salvador Villanueva
Featuring: México EspectacularOfficial Announcement of Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador 2022-20236:15PM Compañía de Flamenco Fusión Canela Fina
7:15PM Mariachi Plata – CSN
8:15PM Rondalla Voces y Guitarras de Milwaukee
9:15PM Mariachi Monarcas de Milwaukee
10:15PM México Tradición Viva Sonidos y Movimientos de México, Orquesta de Camara Tlalipac con Jalisco es México | Solistas: Natalia Ramos, Cesar Delgado & Mayra González | Marisela G. “La

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