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Mequon homeowners breathing a sigh of relief, Milwaukee River crests lower than predicted

Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 18:04:59-04

MEQUON, WI - There's good news for people living along the Milwaukee River in Ozaukee County. 

The National Weather Service now projects the Milwaukee River has already reached its crest and is on its way down.  The river peaked at 12.2 feet and should fall below flood stage Labor Day weekend.

“The water did come in, but not as fast and furious as ’08," said Sue Metzger. "So, we had time to prepare." 

Although there’s standing water in Shoreline Drive --the road outside the home Metzger's lived in for 10 years, and also on her lawn, Metzger said she’s at ease while waiting for the water to recede.

“You just wait it out," Metzger said. "As long as we have electricity and we can still cook and carry on as normal and have running water it’s not a problem."

Metzger’s neighbor Robert Kelsall isn’t letting flood waters interfere with his daily routine either.

"[It's] business as usual," Kelsall said. 

We caught up with Kelsall on his way to breakfast with a friend. He said although flooding can be a bit frustrating it’s all a part of living off the water.

“We deal with it," Kelsall said. "Living on the river has its pluses and minuses, this is one of the minuses, but we love it here."