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Meet the 100-year-old Wisconsin woman who just renewed her driver's license: 'I just had a good life'

"I don't have any advice, I think everybody has to do their own thing"
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Posted at 3:45 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 18:15:04-04

MILWAUKEE — In 1922, the Milwaukee Badgers season got started in the NFL at Borchert Field, jazz music came to Milwaukee with the first wave of African-American migration to the city and Ms. Joyce Boelter Francis was born on a farm in Mukwonago. Ms. Francis just turned 100 years young and took some time with us to reflect.

"This is recorded...(laughter). I just had a good life, I've had a good family. I'm just fortunate to be cared for," she said.

Her family and friends recently came together for her centennial birthday celebration.

"Oh my goodness, they had dinner on Saturday. The day before they had a silent auction, they brought in quite a bit of money and I gave that to the Environmental Defense Fund," said Ms. Francis.

Joyce Boelter Francis 100.jpg
Joyce Boelter Francis

A lover of nature, Ms. Francis has lived all over the state of Wisconsin. Oconomowoc, Wauwatosa, Berlin, Monroe and has lived in Delavan since 1981. If you're wondering what she does to look so amazing, she credits good genes.

"What do you cleanse your face with? Soap and water (laughter). Do you drink eight glasses of water a day? (Laughs). No."

Ms. Francis doesn't watch a lot of TV, but does have some hobbies that she enjoys.

"Crossword puzzles, I've started to do jigsaw puzzles, that's not my favorite, but it sure makes the time pass. I do some pillow cases. I sew pillowcases for a shelter program. That's what I do to stay out of mischief!" said Francis.

From time to time, she even sends emails and plays games on her computer, but doesn't have a need for a cell phone just yet.

"I don't have a cell phone. I think it's a wonderful invention, but it's...I just don't seem to want one. I think people misuse them, but that's not why I don't want one. It's a lot to learn to."

It's obvious that Ms. Francis has a zest for life! She just renewed her driver's license at 100, which means it's good until she's 108!

"I haven't been on the freeway for probably a year. I can't believe how fast the cars go," said Francis.

A fan of parks, Ms. Francis took us for a spin into town to check out one of Delavan's newest parks.

Needless to say, those who know Ms. Francis are motivated and inspired by her every day, including her three children.

"She's just full of life, she's full of vitality, she's full of Thanksgiving, joyfulness, she's always encouraging people in her family and her friends," said her son, Paul Francis.

In honor of her 100th birthday, she received proclamations from the Mayor of Delavan and the Governor of Wisconsin -- a well-deserved honor. When asked what advice she has for others, she gave an answer that's a great example of how she's lived her life.

"I don't have any advice, I think everybody has to do their own thing," said Francis.

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