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MATC summit addresses America's shortage of truck drivers

Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 19:11:19-05

There’s a growing shortage of truck drivers across the country. To address the shortage of drivers, a summit was held at the MATC Oak Creek Campus Thursday.

Almost 50 employers were at the summit looking for possible solutions and ways to think outside the box to attract more drivers. 

We met MATC Truck driving instructor Dan Zdrojewski, he says if the shortage isn’t fixed our economy could be in trouble.

“We're all going to end of paying for it and the prices and everything will go up. Basic supply and demand,” Zdrojewski said.

Zdrojewski also says you can expect shipping delays, as families continue to buy more stuff. Majority of items being shipped are by truck.

“Look around the room, tell me one thing that didn’t come on a truck,” Zdrojewski said.

50,000 drivers are needed just for this year and industry leaders say an additional 90 thousand drivers every single year as more baby boomers retire.

Jim Bergemen has been driving trucks for close to 40 years. He says with the shortage the job can be more demanding.

“The difference today is I don’t think the new people coming in are as dedicated as it was before,” Bergeman said. “Many hours. I ask for like six or seven hours a day and I end up working maybe 9-10 hours a day.”

That’s why many have brought up the ideas of funding scholarships so more millennials become interested. They’re also looking to increase wages.

Depending on where you go, instructors say drivers can start off making $50,000 a year.