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Marquette poll shows 33% do not believe Trump had classified material, Biden approval rate rises

The views on abortion remain essentially unchanged.
Marquette University
Posted at 5:40 AM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-22 11:03:45-04

MILWAUKEE — A new national survey from Marquette Law School found that 33% of those polled do not believe Former President Donald Trump had classified documents at Mar-A-Lago, while 67% believe he did.

The survey was conduced Sept. 7-14, 448 people were polled, and there's a margin of error of +/-3.4 percentage points.

A majority of Republicans surveyed said they don't believe Trump had the documents, while a majority of Democrats believe he did.

Table 1: Do you believe Donald Trump had top secret and other classified material or national security documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago this summer?

Party IDYesNo

Marquette Law School also asked survey participants about President Joe Biden and whether they believe he has done a good job as president.

New results showed that 45% of participants approve of Biden's job as president, which is up from 36% in July. However, it is down from 58%, which was the approval rating for Biden back in July of 2021.

Table 16: Overall, how much do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?

Poll datesApproveDisapprove

Marquette also posed the following question to participants, "If the 2024 election for president were held today between Former President Donald Trump, the Republican, and President Joe Biden, the Democrat, would you vote for Donald Trump or for Joe Biden?"

40% of survey participants said they'd vote for Biden, while 36% went to Trump. About 19% of those who participated in the survey said they would vote for someone else, and 6% said they would not vote at all.

About 52% of Democrats surveyed said they'd like to see Biden run in 2024, while 48% said they would not like him to run. Among the Republicans polled, 66% said they'd like to see Trump run again in 2024, while 34% said they don't want him to run.

Participants were also asked about their confidence in American institutions such as Congress, the State Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court, FBI, and police. Results show most participants have "some" confidence in each of the institutions.

Table 7: Here is a list of institutions in American society. How much confidence do you have in each one?

InstitutionA great dealQuite a lotSomeVery littleNone at all
Your state supreme court82745156
U.S. Supreme Court1020342610
The Presidency1320292414
The FBI1925301610
The police213028146

Also included in this survey was a question about Biden canceling student loan debt up to $20,000. A majority of Democrats polled were in favor, while a majority of the Republicans polled said they strongly oppose the decision.

Overall, 59% of the participants said they are in favor of the decision, while 40% oppose it.

Table 9: Do you favor or oppose the decision to forgive and cancel up to $20,000 of federal student loan debt?

Party IDStrongly favorSomewhat favorSomewhat opposeStrongly oppose

The views on abortion remain pretty much the same as compared to survey results in May and July. The latest results showed that 31% of participants believe abortion should be legal in all cases, 37% believe it should be legal in most cases, 26% believe it should be illegal in most cases, and 6% said it should be illegal in all cases.

You can view the full survey results on Marquette's website.

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