Man tries to lure 8-year-old Glendale boy into truck

Child was able to run from the scene
Man tries to lure Glendale boy into truck
Posted at 1:22 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 23:19:11-04

Glendale Police want parents to be alert. They say a man tried to lure a young boy into his truck from the child's own driveway.

According to officers, on Thursday, June 16, a man went up to an 8-year-old boy playing baseball in his driveway and tried to get him to come to his pickup truck.

"He said, 'Hey, I used to play major league baseball and I have some autographed balls in my truck, would you like one?'" says Officer Joel Dhein.

Police say the little boy had recently had an officer visit their school and did exactly what they told him. The boy went into his house to ask his dad first if that would be ok. The man in his early 20s took off, police said. Parents in Glendale could not believe it happened in someone's own driveway.

"I'm very surprised because we don't have these types of problems around here," says Shatara Fowler, mother.

"I am concerned," says Angie McKinley, grandmother.

But parents and grandparents we spoke to say they have taught their kids about strangers and think they would say no. So they let TODAY'S TMJ4 ask their children.

"I got something in my car I want to show you what would you say?" asked reporter Rebecca Klopf.

"No," answers Harmony Fowler, 7.

"Ummm, no." Kamireya Tatum, 7.

"Would you come?" asks Rebecca Klopf.

"Ahh, yes." Betteast Fisher, 5.

Shocking news to his grandmother

"He thinks it's a game. And now I'm even more worried," says McKinley.

But McKinley says she hopes its a lesson to all parents and grandparents to talk to their kids about staying away from strangers.

If you recognize the person in the composite drawing above, please contact the Glendale Police Department at 414-228-1753 or anonymously text North Shore Crime Stoppers at 414-962-4258.