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Local videographer, music producer identified as man killed by falling tree branch

The ME's report states he was filming tree-removal when the branch fell on top of him
Monias Hannah
Posted at 2:21 PM, Feb 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-26 14:14:15-05

BROWN DEER — A local videographer and music producer has been identified as the man killed by a falling tree branch on Sunday.

According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's office, Monias D. Hannah, 44, died in his driveway after the limb struck him.

The ME's report states Hannah hired a tree removal company to take down trees at a home he owned near North 67th Street and Dean Road in Brown Deer.

As the crew began to work, the report states Hannah went outside and started filming.

That's when one of the workers cut a branch and it fell, hitting Hannah in the head.

Man killed by tree branch
A man was hit and killed by a tree branch on Sunday afternoon.

The crew later told investigators the branch, which was about 10 to 12 inches in diameter at its thickest, fell about 20 feet.

One of the workers told investigators he was cutting the branch when Hannah was standing against the garage filming. Hannah then walked onto the driveway and the worker says he didn't have enough time to yell out a warning before the branch struck and killed Hannah.

Brown Deer Police said that they don't expect any OSHA violations will be brought up with the tree removal service. However, they said, they are still investigating.

The Medical Examiner's report states the home in Brown Deer was being renovated to become a group home.

But before that, Hannah's son, Jaelen Marlow, said that he and his siblings, along with their mother, had lived there.

In a video on Facebook, shot last year, Hannah surprises his family outside the home by telling them that they'll be able to live there.

According to Marlow, his father was a videographer. Hannah's social media profiles show that he also worked in music and photography.

"He could crop you on the moon," said Unique Taylor, Hannah's cousin. "He was awesome. Videos, he could do a video in seconds. With his talent, he was so open to people. People could call him ... and he’d help them."

Once news of Hannah's death began to spread, many people also took to Facebook to share memories.

One man told TMJ4 News that while he never met him, Hannah was always willing to share tips with him about video work.

Others, posting memorials on Facebook, thanked Hannah for helping them in their work in music and video.

There's also aGoFundMe for Hannah's family.

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