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Man charged after escaping custody, injuring Milwaukee police officer

The officer was diagnosed with an effusion to his right knee with possible ligament damage, and a contusion to his left knee
Posted at 5:34 AM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 06:34:03-04

MILWAUKEE — A man has been charged after prosecutors say he escaped police custody and injured an officer earlier this month.

18-year-old Carlos Hernandez is facing one count of escaping from custody, and one count of resisting an officer and causing a soft tissue injury following the Aug. 12 incident.

According to a criminal complaint, the incident began when officers located Hernandez at Froedtert Hospital with a gunshot wound. Police began a shooting investigation and in the process, officers found THC vape cartridges and a firearm in Hernandez's vehicle.

Police then placed Hernandez under arrest for possession with intent to deliver THC and carrying a concealed weapon.

After he was arrested, officer Brock Cameron was put in charge of watching Hernandez. About 20 minutes later, prosecutors say Hernandez used the bathroom and when he came out, he grabbed a black backpack off the floor.

Hernandez told officer Cameron that he was looking for his cellphone. The complaint says Cameron told Hernandez he can't make any calls at this time. That's when officials say Hernandez pushed officer Cameron out of the way and ran out of the room.

Cameron began chasing Hernandez around the hospital. The complaint says while chasing the suspect, Cameron slipped and fell, injuring his knees.

Hernandez continued running and made his way towards the exit. Prosecutors say he hurdled a cart blocking the doorway, ran outside, through the parking lot, through the Children's Hospital ER parking lot, and then onto a service road.

MPD officers eventually were able to corner the defendant and take him into custody.

Officer Cameron had to seek medical help and was later diagnosed with an effusion to his right knee with possible ligament damage, and a contusion to his left knee.

If convicted on his two charges, Hernandez could be sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison.

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