Major Zoo Interchange closure starts Oct. 1

Posted at 6:05 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 20:02:30-04

Saturday morning the I-41 south ramp to I-94 eastbound closes as part of the Zoo Interchange project, expected to last through late spring 2017.

This ramp is the third at the intersection to close.

"We know it's inconvenient for the traveling public and we're going to move as quickly as possible," said Mark Klipstein, the Construction Project Manager for the Zoo Interchange.

"Well, I can't wait until it's over," said Jennifer Grandkoski. Grandkoski lives in Menomenee Falls and works in Brookfield. She said she goes through Zoo Interchange daily, and some days adds 30 minutes on to her commute.

"We're going to close for up to 8 months and its 22 thousand vehicles per day that actually use that system ramp," said Klipstein.

Grandkoski told TODAY'S TMJ4 Friday she wasn't sure what her plan was for the new closure. "I'm not going to be able to get on 94 anymore so that's going to be a big change for us."

But, Grandkoski is certainly used to adjusting for this project.

"Day care and appointments with work and making sure that I'm planning accordingly," she said.

Neighbors to the project do the same.

"You know, I take back roads or something, but you just keep moving, not a lot you can do about it," said Janine Petragnani.

Businesses also take a hit with rerouted customers.

Sammy's Taste of Chicago on 108th estimated a 40 percent hit to business. La Fuente on Bluemound agreed it's a major inconvenience for customers.

But Northern Brewer on 108th said it's all about adjusting.

"It doesn't make it easy to get here, but we try to be a destination here so people will come here if they want to. It just gives them a little extra challenge," said James Jordan, the Milwaukee General Manager.

He said people find other ways to reach the store- whether it's Greenfield Ave. or Highway 100. Jordan recommends following these recommendations from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.