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Mackenzie Clyde Day: Girl fighting cancer receives surprise celebration by West Allis community

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 11:48:47-05

WEST ALLIS — It was a Friday afternoon filled with smiles for Mackenzie Clyde.

A surprise visit from West Allis first responders on a day dedicated to one brave little girl.

"Mackenzie was diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2018. She was a super awesome fighter and we finished treatment in March," says Mackenzie's mother, Courtney Clyde. She went on to explain, "in October, on a routine scan, we found out that her cancer had come back and she had four new tumors in her brain so we started treatment again."

We first introduced you to Mackenzie last year. She wrote a book with a group of kids called, "My Friend Linkin" to help explain what it is like to have cancer as a child.

"We are part of the 'My Friend Linkin' organization and they surprised us saying they wanted to have a 'Mackenzie Clyde Day' to honor her," said Clyde.

A day filled with surprises including an escort to West Allis Fire House 2. Mackenzie and her mother got a front seat view. And once inside the firehouse, a unicorn-themed party with lots of rainbow cake.

According to Mackenzie's mom, "After every chemo, we get a little treat, and rainbow cake is our most favorite!"

Mackenzie was joined by her friends, including Linkin. And now, Mackenzie has her own story to tell.

"'My Friend Mackenzie' is the second book in the series and Linkin was able to write the book about 'My Friend Mackenzie' so he chronicled her journey," said Dolores Greenawalt, organizer of Mackenzie's party.

A day filled with joy, for a fearless 9-year-old girl.

Click here to learn more about Mackenzie's journey.

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