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Loved ones remember Officer Kou Her at memorial service

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-29 19:42:45-04

MILWAUKEE -- Family, friends and fellow officers paid tribute to Officer Kou Her Saturday.

He served on the Milwaukee Police Department for two years, until his tragic death earlier this month.

“In times like these there are no words to bring back Kou. There are no words to justify his death,” said MPD Chief Alfonso Morales.

“His laugh was just contagious. It brought light to the whole room,” said Officer David Connor, who met Her while in the police academy.

Officer Her’s laugh and light are now just a glimpse of countless memories for the fallen public servant. Tears flowed as officer Her's partner shared touching testimony of their last time together.

I said ‘I'll see you later’, but later never came. What I wouldn't give to get another call from Her,” said Officer Chandra Fuller. She could not stop looking at his casket, during her tribute to Officer Her.

“He never left without me. I never left without him,” recalled Fuller.

Those heartfelt words were shared by dozens who were touched by a man described to have a great wit.

“He was well known for his smile, his impact to help others,” said Chief Morales.

Officer Her’s memorial service Saturday blended cultures.

The 27-year-old Hmong-American will is remembered as a man who shined a light on the need for Hmong officers serving the city.

“It doesn’t matter your race, your ethnicity, your culture. Ultimately, we are one big family,” said MPD Sergeant Moua Vang, who is also Hmong-American.

Officer Her’s loved ones are now left to remember his laugh and quest to help others; a quest he started an at early age.

“I always told him that we are all here to serve on another, to love another,” expressed Kong Her, Officer Her’s brother.

Memorial services for Officer Her will continue at Good Hope Center through Monday.

According to police, Officer Her was killed when Dante James, a suspected drunk driver, plowed into the officer’s car at 60th and Capitol. Officer Her was on his way home after working is his shift.