Looking ahead to the TMJ4 Senate Debate: Talking to swing voters at the ballpark

Voters who were out tailgating on Friday said the biggest strike against candidates is the trash talk and negative ads.
swing voters at brewers game
Posted at 9:19 PM, Sep 16, 2022
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MILWAUKEE — On Friday Democrat Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes and Republican Sen. Ron Johnson agreed to participate in TMJ4's Senate Debate on Oct. 13.

It's a race that's likely to come down to the last inning. The latest Marquette poll showed Johnson with a slight lead over Barnes at 49% to 48%. So, we headed to the ballpark to talk to swing voters.

Doreen Bigler of Dane County came out to watch the Brewers take on the Yankees with her family. Luckily, she also agreed to talk politics before the game while her husband grilled.

"I vote for the person and not so much the party and one of the reasons is because I'm tired of all the politics and it's so polarized one way or the other," Bigler said. "I want to see what their plan is and how we can get this country a little bit more united."

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Overwhelmingly voters out tailgating on Friday said the biggest strike against candidates is the trash talk and negative ads.

"All the negativity and bashing each other instead of coming together and trying to figure out a plan," Bigler said.

Bradley Fergot of Milwaukee, out tailgating with family before the game, agrees. He said, "The thing that I don't appreciate about Mandela Barnes and Ron Johnson is the smear campaign... I haven't really seen anything yet about what each one is gonna do and that's what bothers me."

So what do voters want to hear from candidates next month that will help them make up their minds? The latest Marquette poll showed some of the top issues voters are concerned about include inflation, crime, and public schools.

Inflation was a hot topic at the tailgate.

"What are we gonna do with this inflation and get that down to?" Bigler asked.

Fergot says he wants to hear more about job growth in the state.

"Taxes and inflation and also healthcare," said Richard of Milwaukee about the issues he's wanting to hear more about.

Richard is also a first-generation American and wants to know more about what candidates will do for the growing Hispanic and Latino population in Milwaukee.

"I'd like to see more rights given like driver's licenses, opportunities to work, and stuff like that," Richard said.

The TMJ4 debate is Oct. 13 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will air statewide from Marquette University.

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