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Locals paint positive messages of love and hope in Downtown Kenosha

Locals paint positive messages of love and hope in downtown Kenosha
Posted at 7:37 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 20:37:11-04

KENOSHA — Community members and artists from all over Kenosha came together near 57th street and 7th avenue in Downtown on Wednesday, to paint positive messages of hope and strength. A few days ago, the downtown area was the heart of damage and destruction during civil unrest, but now community members hope it’s part of the heart of healing.

“There is some change that needs to be made and I hope everyone is safe,” said artist Abbie Dawson.

Locals and artists painted words that read “equality, “love is the answer” and “Kenosha is our home.” Francisco Loyola with Kenosha Creative Space organized the painting event, he said the art is a common language where people can come together and talk.

“This is not a fine art project, but we are doing this as a community project to demonstrate how united our community is and trying to give a voice to the community,” said Loyola.

Healing is what Betty Davis hopes the community does, she said after hearing about Jacob Blake and Tuesday night’s shooting that left two dead and one injured, both incidents left her without words.

“I don't know how to process everything,” said Davis.

However, through the art she is able to find a way to express her emotions. She painted blooming hearts and hopes that love grows throughout the city.

“We are still here. We have to come through this on the other side, no matter how it turns out or what happens you know, we still live here and people need to know there is still good,” said Davis.

Kenosha Creative Space is asking for paint and donations so they can continue to transform the entire downtown area. Anyone from the community is welcome to join.

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