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Locals hit back at accusation Milwaukee isn't fancy enough to host DNC

Posted at 4:46 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 18:23:37-05

Milwaukeeans are hitting back after a recent article in Politico questioned whether the city is high-end enough to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Milwaukee is one of three finalists to host the DNC, along with Houston and Miami Beach.

In a Politico article this week titled "Florida Aims to Torpedo Milwaukee 2020 Convention Bid," Joe Falk, a South Florida donor involved in supporting Miami's bid, is quoted as saying, “How do you get the donor to dig deeper? Show him a good time.”

In the article, Falk said, "The donors are here and we know how to treat donors. We have the facilities to make those incredibly wealthy people comfortable. And we know how to throw a good party.”

Milwaukeeans disagree with the notion that the Brew City isn't fancy enough to host a major political convention.

"I love Miami, but Milwaukee is a friendlier place," said David Caruso, owner of Dynamic Events by David Caruso. "It's more affordable, and we definitely know how to party."

Caruso added Milwaukee is "fancier than people think."

"I think what makes Milwaukee different is we have a lot of variety," Caruso said. "We have everything from high-end entertainment to any other level of entertainment people might want."

Omar Shaikh, owner of SURG Restaurant Group, said Milwaukee has a plethora of exceptional restaurants.

"There's probably 50 high-end restaurants you could go into in downtown Milwaukee," Shaikh said.

Shaikh said he's confident the DNC would be a hit if convention organizers opt to come to Milwaukee.

"Any time we get folks in here from New York, from other places across the country, a lot of the athletes that come in here, once they get here, they're very impressed," he said.

"After people visit here, they fall in love with Milwaukee," Shaikh said.

DNC officials are expected to decide on a 2020 convention site by the end of the month.