Local WWII vets need funding for trip to historical convention

All of the veterans are 90-years-old or older
Posted at 7:13 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 08:13:31-04
They served our country during World War II and now some Wisconsin vets are asking for your help.
Sgt. Bob Schuh was part of the 8th Army Air Force during the war, a pre-cursor to the modern Air Force. Remaining members are reuniting later this month in St. Louis for a convention of the 8th Air Force Historical Society. 
He along with his fellow vets are asking for donations since it costs upwards of $700 per person to go. So far, they've only raised enough to send two veterans and they hope to send at least 12. 
All of the veterans are 90-years-old or older. 
"For myself now, my wife is in the care home in Chilton and just alone keeping her there takes most of my money, my monthly money that I get," Schuh said. "It's probably going to be the last chance I will get, to go to one of these."
The convention takes place October 19-23. Organizers said they have until October 12 to raise the money. 
Funds will be used for transportation to St. Louis, hotel rooms, food, tours and national 8th Air Force Historical Society convention registration. Click here to donate!
You can also mail donations to the CRG Foundation, PO Box 371086, Milwaukee, Wi 53237. According to the society, when completing checks, write checks to CRG Foundation. Be sure to indicate Wisconsin Chapter 8th Air Force Historical Society in the “FOR” portion of the lower left corner. 8th Air Force Historical Society in the “FOR” portion of the lower left corner.