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Local travelers concerned after American Airlines scheduling snafu

Posted at 7:37 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 21:50:54-05

MILWAUKEE, WI - A holiday scheduling error could leave hundreds of flights grounded and a lot of passengers stranded. 

"I think it's slightly irresponsible," Wayne Atchley said. 

“[Now travelers] have a choice to make. Whether they’re going to fly, go with another airline or see how far it is, maybe drive," he also said. 

In a statement, the airline company confirmed: 

"Out of the 200,000 flights American will operate in December, only a few hundred are currently unassigned to pilots. That number of open flights continues to decrease thanks to our pilots who are stepping up to the plate and picking up trips to ensure customers are taken care of… We have not canceled any scheduled flights in December and will continue to work to ensure both our pilots and our customers are cared for."

“I know I have to go to California on the 27th," Mike Reineck said. 

"I got to find out if they’re going to make that possible for me or will I have to get a different airline," he also said. 

Reineck said he travels with American often and isn’t too concerned about getting to his December destination. For now, the South Carolina native is rolling with the punches and waiting to see how things unfold. 

“American is good," Reineck said. 

"But it’s not the only bird in the sky. I don’t think it’s a big deal," he also said. 

So far this year alone more than 5 million American flights flew to and from Mitchell International Airport.