Local Syrian-American supports President Trump's missile strike

US launched 59 missiles into military base
Posted at 7:37 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 20:37:26-04

Syrian officials are calling the strikes an act of aggression, but locally one Syrian-American is supporting President Donald Trump’s order of a missile attack of a Syrian military base this week.

Trump is already taking military action just 11 weeks into his presidency, striking the Syrian military with missiles Thursday.

Dr. Ahmad said here in Milwaukee said the pandemonium in his home country Syria is traumatizing.

"It's very troubling, it's heartbreaking," Ahmad said.

After seeing hundreds of women and children struggling for breath earlier this week from chemical attacks he said something needed to be done.

“The people over there, the government, they have no regard for human lives," Ahmad said.

That's why he supports Trump's decision of sending 59 missiles into a Syrian missile base, where Syrian officials say at least seven people were killed.

"President Trump, he did a good thing and I hope he's sincere with doing that," Ahmad said.

However, Syrian expert Mel Duncan with Nonviolent Peaceforce believes it wasn't a good decision.

"It is ineffective and illegal, it violates international law and it violates the U.S. constitution," Duncan said.

Because he believes this will only cause more trauma and more people will continue to die.

"It has never worked to bomb people who bomb people to stop them from bombing people," he said.

Duncan said the commander in chief should think of other creative ways to diffuse and transform the Syrian civil war. Meanwhile,  Ahmad just hopes for peace and think Syria needs America’s help.

"This missile attack was a good start but I hope it's not only to flex the muscles, I hope we have a solution after this," Ahmad said.

Ahmad does have family in Syria and said he hasn't been able to contact them this week. He is hoping Trump will soon lift his travel ban so innocent people can get from over there.


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