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Local ski slopes open for the season with new COVID-19 safety rules

Posted at 10:15 PM, Dec 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-06 09:56:51-05

ELKHORN — Ski slopes are opening in southeast Wisconsin with new COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Dozens turned out to Alpine Valley Resort in Elkhorn for its opening weekend on Saturday.

"Masks are required— no if's, and's or but's," said Alpine Valley staff Pat Cusick. "Social distance from people you don’t know."

Skiers are encouraged to ride the chairlifts with their families or the group they came with. Otherwise skiers must spread apart on the lifts and wear face masks. Because of these new rules, staff says there could be longer lines.

"It’s an outdoor activity, and we got that for us, and we’re outside, everyone’s masked up and everyone’s having a good time," Cusick said.

In Slinger, Little Switzerland also implemented similar safety measures.

No one seemed very phased by the new rules at Alpine Valley, in part because many skiers typically wear some sort of face covering even before the pandemic began.

"This is the same thing I wear for the cold, so it’s not really any different," said skier Evan Soderberg.

"I can sense everybody’s got a smile under their mask because they’re happy we’re open," Cusick said.

Plenty of families and friends said it felt great to get outside and ski.

"We get to bond, and we get out of the house," said skier Cole Lepkowski, who came with his parents and sisters.

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