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Local businesses on Supreme Court ruling on online sales tax

Posted: 7:13 PM, Jun 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-21 20:13:31-04

The United States Supreme court has ruled states can force internet retailers to collect sales tax.

Artist Melissa Dorn, at Material Studios and Gallery, says she sells her work online and in person. It's easier online. At least it was. 

"For me as an artist I am a super small business so it's just an added layer of work for me," said Dorn. 

States say they're missing out on billions of dollars in revenue because of internet shopping. The ruling of Quill Corporation v. North Dakota prevented states from collecting those sales taxes. 

Until Thursday, states required sales taxes from businesses that had a brick and mortar location within that state.

Additional details on the ruling are currently sparse. What will get taxed? How much should taxes be? Dorn is curious if businesses will have to collect back taxes?

"It would really take a great deal of effort and work on my part just to figure all of that out," said Dorn.  

Unfortunately, for now, businesses will have to sit and wait for more details.