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Live like a king in this Hartford castle that's for sale

Posted at 3:17 PM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-21 18:14:41-04

HARTFORD, Wis. — This is your chance to live like royalty and treat yourself like the king/queen you are. You can own a home in Hartford that is built just like a castle.

The manor at 259 8th St. in Hartord is listed for $419,000. It has four beds, three and a half baths, two indoor fountains, four gun cabinets and is 3,525 square feet. There is also an attached garage that doesn't look like a medieval castle, but then again, they didn't have garages or cars in the 1400s.

This castle house has a stone facade with stone interiors as well. However, the interior design of the house changes as you go through it. Other rooms have brick tile and walls.


A castle isn't complete without a large swath of land to control. This listing includes a vacant parcel that is adjacent to the home. That way you can watch over your kingdom as you look out the second story window.

But for as unique as this property is, the family that grew up in it, never thought it was out of the ordinary.

“Even our friends you know came over as kids, and they didn’t make anything of it. This was just what we lived in. This was no different than a normal house to us," Brenda Lee Voght, who lived in this home, said.


She literally helped build this home in the 70’s as a child with the rest of her siblings.

“So weekends we would go pick stones. Carry stones. Dump stones," she said.

After putting in all that hard work, growing up here, and celebrating holidays it’s tough for Brenda Lee to see the home leave the family.

“Very sad to let go cause we're letting go of a part of our history, and our life, and our sweat equity, and something my dad has, you know, treasured and built."

She just wants whoever owns this home next to fill it with as many memories as her family did.

Castle for sale in Hartford for $419,900

“I think somebody is going to love it as much as we did. I've got to find the right person.”

And while ideally the house would maintain the castle look, there is one change she encourages.

“Well I want them to get rid of the carpeting.”

This isn’t just some novel castle in Wisconsin. it’s also a home. One that costs 419,900 which is a steal of a price for something like this if you ask me. In Hartford James Groh TMJ4 News.

The home is listed byRe/Max United in Port Washington. If you are interested in living like royalty, contact them at (262) 617-7125.

You might think this is a one-off thing in Wisconsin. But actually, this isn't the only castle in Wisconsin. Check out the Whisteria Castle in Watertown.

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