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Lawsuit filed against contractor in Trinity Lutheran Church fire

Posted at 9:30 AM, Jul 15, 2019

MILWAUKEE — A lawsuit has been filed against the roofing contractor who was preforming repairs at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church when it was heavily damaged in a fire last year.

The lawsuit filed against Langer Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. and their insurance company alleges that the contractor created sparks while using a grinder to remove a metal gutter from the south side of the church, igniting the inferno that took place on May 15, 2018, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The court filing is the most recent step in a long rebuilding process for the church that endured nearly $25 million in damage in the fire. Church officials have already started the rebuilding process with funding from their insurance provider, but that alone isn't enough to cover the cost of rebuilding, according to the Business Journal.

Langer Roofing was covered by an insurance policy from the Federal Insurance Co. of Indianapolis with a maximum limit of $10 million, according to the Business Journal. Trinity Evangelical, in its lawsuit, is seeking the full amount in payments, plus 7.5% interest.

Photo shows fire damage inside Trinity Church

Photo courtesy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The state historical landmark was constructed in 1878 at 1046 N. 9th St. in Milwaukee. Known for it's High Victorian, Gothic structure, the church was a commonplace for patrons looking to admire colonial style church architecture.